Board of Education Special Meetings
The Board has set two Special Meetings for the purpose of conducting Board Workshops.  The first meeting will be held in the College and Career Center at Niles High School, 1441 Eagle Street, Niles, on December 3, 2015, at 5:00 p.m.  The second meeting will be held on December 12, 2015, at 8:30 a.m., at Westside Administrative Center, 111 Spruce Street, Niles.

Community Connections                                                                           

          - By Dr. Dan Applegate


With the school year started and school leaders and teachers employing strategies to help students be successful, this is a great time to share how thankful we are as a school system to have the support of our community and strong relationships with local service organizations and governmental agencies.


We know that the school system plays a huge role and has a large stake in the health of the community. In Niles, we want to continue to foster this relationship and continue to grow with the community toward a bright future.


The majority of our children enter our schools healthy, ready, and eager to learn. This is a testament to the parents and service agencies that helped support the students when they were young. We know that additional supports are necessary and available through local organizations for families who may need assistance prior to a child’s educational career. To that end, while partnering with one local organization, we were able to make sure over 100 kindergarteners were properly immunized and ready to start school in September. Even after school has started, many community organizations continue to partner with us and provide essential services to our youth.


With all the supports these partnerships offer, it is incumbent on us - the entire school community - to help students recognize how they are connected to the community and impress upon them that they have a role to play in its long-term health. You can expect to see more students out in the community providing critical services to local residents and organizations.


All of these partnerships help us wrap our arms around the children of the community, offering them abundant opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, and personally.  One challenge that districts across Michigan face is using their resources efficiently.  Our school district has been working hard to tighten its financial belt while maintaining important instructional programs and a high quality staff. By partnering with local organizations, we are able to offer many more opportunities than if we acted in isolation.


For families, we need parents to ensure their child attends school regularly and stay engaged in their child’s activities and learning. We need to do our part by keeping an open line of communication with parents and acting as a resource when parents are having difficulty with their child. To do this, we must continue to be inviting and openly express our willingness and desire to work with parents so we can all act in the best interest of the child.


Whether you are a parent, business, or community member, we encourage you to get involved with our children. If you can volunteer your time or resources, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Darla Schneider at, or visit the district's website at and locate the Volunteer tab.


We truly believe in partnering with the community and we will work hard to play our role in building Niles Community Schools.  Thank you again for your commitment to Niles Community Schools and for serving as our partner in the education of the community's children. 

Niles Community Schools
Building a Foundation for Our Future

Regular School Attendance will be a Focus of Niles Community Schools for the 2015-2016 School Year


Regular attendance is defined as missing less than five percent of the school days in session. For example, for the Niles Community School calendar year, five percent would be about 9-10 days for the year.   Absences beyond that total begin to have an academic impact. We realize some absences are unavoidable because of health problems or other circumstances. However, we know that when students miss too much school, regardless of the reason, academic achievement falters.  Your child is less likely to succeed if he or she is not in regular attendance. Research shows:   


      Children who are chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of third grade. 


      By sixth grade, chronic absences are a proven early warning sign for students at risk for dropping out of school. 
      By ninth grade, regular attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than are eighth grade test scores.


Please check back to this site, or your child’s building site, for more valuable information about school attendance.


You will also find valuable information on the following links:

We are located in the southwest corner of Michigan, eight miles from the University of Notre Dame and less than a two-hour travel to downtown Chicago. The shores of Lake Michigan are about twenty-five minutes away. Within the ninety square miles of the district, we have a nice mix of urban, suburban, and rural settings. Diversity is one of our district's strengths with a student population of 15% African-American, 80% Caucasian, and around 5% Hispanic. Approximately 40% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

The district has almost 4,000 students. We are the largest district in our area and we offer more sports, more extracurricular activities, and more academic opportunities than any other district. The district is small enough to make personal attention to students a priority.

The 9th through 12th grade high school has 1100 students and offers many Advanced Placement and online courses. Our high school has been recognized as a statewide leader in career pathways and models a program preparing students for the next level.

  • Niles Community Schools to Begin Strategic Planning Process

    The Niles Community Schools Board of Education and Administration are launching a new initiative to guide the District through a 3-5 Year Strategic Planning Process.  The purpose of this initiative is to help the District develop new goals and strategies in continuing to offer an excellent education for the students, while using scarce public education resources in the most effective and efficient way.  Stakeholder feedback is an important part of the planning process. The Board is interested in your input to this process and intends to use data and stakeholder input to make decisions and to set priorities for the District. Please take a moment to complete the online survey at:

    The survey will be available for your completion through December 1, 2015.  We are excited about this process and are confident it will ultimately help the District to be more successful in its mission of educating students.


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