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Niles High School
1441 Eagle Street
Niles, MI 49120
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Niles High School Graduates, Former Niles High School Students, College/ Universities:  
Please use this link to access to place your transcript request:
If you DID NOT finish your senior year on the campus of Niles Senior High School, please continue reading down the page... 
 (Current students, see instructions below)
If you graduated from or attended Niles Adult Education, Cedar Lane, or W.A.Y: 
Even if your diploma says "Niles High School" - if you completed your senior year at Adult Ed., Cedar Lane, or WAY you must contact the below number for your transcripts. If you left Niles High School to attend class at Niles Adult Ed., Cedar Lane, or W.A.Y you will also need to contact the phone number below instead of using the Parchment link. The Parchment link is processed by Niles High School staff and they don't have access to your records if you attended Adult Ed., Cedar Lane, or WAY your senior year. 
Education Verification / Third Party Transcript Request
If you need to verify by receiving an actual copy of a transcript, please create an account and submit the request via
1. Click on Receivers on the left side of the screen
2. Under "Our Services" click on "Receive Transcripts"
3. Click the green "Sign Up" in the middle of the screen
4. Create an account - Select your role (as long as your don't choose "student" any title you choose is fine) 
**You will get a confirmation phone call from Parchment in 3-4 days** 
If you need to verify by a school staff member filling out your form (NOT receiving a copy of a transcript), please fax the request to:
Attn: Erin
Please include signed release, digital is accepted 
** Current students attending Niles High School: Please use the form of your name on file with the school when you register for Parchment. If you "go by" a nickname, your middle name, or a different version of your name, you must register with what the school has on file (the name that comes on your progress report / report card).