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Niles Community Schools
Non-Traditional Education

 "Because every student has/her own unique interests, skills, and ways of learning, at Niles Community Schools we not only recognize that individuality, we encourage and celebrate it."

Cedar Lane Alternative High School
Cedar Lane Alternative High School has provided a high quality, innovative educational program for over two decades.  What sets our program apart from other alternative education programs is our focus on personalized attention given to each student from our teaching staff.  While we utilize the latest technological advances to augment our curriculum, we still offer teacher directed classroom instruction.  We also continue to provide a warm, friendly environment with a teacher/student ratio that allows for individual assistance and flexibility.  For those students who need to make up credits and would like to graduate with their class, we offer credit recovery options as well.

W-A-Y Niles Program
One size does not fit all.  Every student has their own unique interests, skills, and ways of learning.  The W-A-Y Niles Program provides a personalized learning experience for students who struggle with traditional high school.
W-A-Y Niles is an alternative approach that encourages self-esteem, independence, and 21st century skills that will facilitate a college education and career path.
Students in the W-A-Y Program become Researchers and develop customized standards-based learning plans with a Mentor around topics that truly appeal to them.
Each researcher is equipped with an iMac workstation and Internet connectivity within his or her home.  They communicate with their Mentors daily and collaborate with other Michigan and International W-A-Y researchers.
Highly-qualified W-A-Y teachers assess and align all projects according to state content standards, ensuring that each student completes the program with a high school diploma.

Home Schooling
We believe homeschooling is a viable option for some students in our community and we hope our flexible schedule and nonintrusive enrollment requirements will meet your needs.
We respect your choice to be the primary educator for your children.  Our offer is part of Niles Community Schools' vision to support the learning of every student residing in our district.  Extending our educational support beyond the school walls and into our community is a small part of a larger plan to develop and grow Niles into a vibrant and viable community.
In order to take advantage of this offer, students who are homeschooled must enroll in one of our "seated courses" and one of our "virtual courses."

Niles Adult Education
Niles Adult Education provides education options for students from the age of 16 through adulthood.  Programs that are offered include High School Diploma, GED Preparation, and Adult Basic Education.  Students over the age of 20 may qualify for Life Experience Credit.  By combining classroom instruction, open lab hours, and individualized attention, many of our students find that they are much closer to completing their education than they originally thought!

Our Non-Traditional Education Program has partnerships in place with area community colleges and Michigan Works! to help students transition to college or work after completion of their high school credential.  Please contact Rich Klemm, Assistant Superintendent, at (269)683-0732, ext. 10005, or John Fonash, Principal, (269)684-9554 for more information.


  • Attendance Is Crucial

    In the U.S., it is estimated that 5 to 7.5 million students miss almost a month of school every year. By the time they graduate, that equals over a year of school missed. Students should attend school ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

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  • Niles Athletic Summer Sports Camps

    Campers have the opportunity to work with Niles High School Varsity Coaching Staff (More)

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  • Preschool and Kindergarten Registration

    Niles Community Schools registration dates for its preschool and kindergarten programs for the 2017-18 school year have been set. The following dates are applicable to anyone interested in registering their child to attend early education programs at schools throughout the district. (More)

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  • Captured by the Superintendent

    Pictures taken by Dr. Applegate as he attends events and visits schools throughout the district.

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  • YMCA Offering After School Programs

    The Niles-Buchanan YMCA is offering safe, top quality, enriching after school programs for your child! (More)

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  • Bond Construction Updates

    * Updated 3-21-17! See the construction as it unfolds. (More)

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  • District Announces School Calendar Changes for 2016-2017

    The state is requiring five additional student instructional days next year. As we did not receive an increase in funding to offset the cost of these days, we had to add a few more 1/2 days to the district calendar. We know that we have many working parents who this affects. (More)

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  • Bond 2015

    We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all the community members who came out to vote on the bond proposals. (More)

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  • Inclement Weather and School Closings

    When it comes to severe weather and the potential for a school closure, I know that the sooner the decision is made the better for staff, students, and parents. Typically, we make a decision to close for inclement weather collectively with Brandywine and Buchanan. Our goal is to make this decision before 6:00am. (More)

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  • District Lays Out Strategic Plan

    After months of gathering information from community stakeholders through surveys, workshops, forums and other means, leaders of the Niles Community Schools district have developed a new strategic plan that will help guide the district in reaching future goals. On February 1, 2016, the Niles school board ratified the plan by approving the district’s new mission statement, vision statement, beliefs and goal statements — all of which are components of the strategic plan. “To use a Viking analogy, we wanted everybody to have their oars in the water at the same time and all pulling together,” said Greg O’Toole, school board president. “I think this was critical to getting to that point.”

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