Niles New Tech - School Overview

Quality InstructionProfessional CultureInnovative Technology
  • Learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college, and the careers of tomorrow
  • Project-based learning is at the heart of our instructional approach
  • Learning is contextual, creative, and shared
  • Learners collaborate on projects that require critical thinking and communication
  • By making lessons relevant to them in this way, learner engagement reaches new levels
  • New Tech schools demonstrated high levels of learner engagement and continued growth along several measures of academic progress
  • Results on Reading and Science achievement, college acceptance rates, and behavioral indicators point to strong performance levels among many New Tech schools
  • Learners become life-long learners who are ready for college and careers
  • Built on trust, respect, and responsibility
  • Our positive culture will fuel the success of our school
  • Learners have exceptional ownership of their own learning
  • Learners assist in creating a positive school environment
  • Working on projects and in teams, learners are accountable to their peers and acquire a level of responsibility similar to that of a professional workplace
  • Learners create social contracts between group members to hold each other accountable during each project
  • The culture will reflect a family atmosphere
  • Learners can participate alongside Niles High School learners in extra-curricular activities such as band, choir, athletics, etc.
  • Technology is the tool, not the focus
  • All classrooms have a one-to-one computing ratio
  • All computers will be Web-enabled with the latest in collaborative learning technology
  • Technology is used as a tool to enable and engage learners using 21st Century skills.
  • Holistic grade book for reporting learner progress on 21st century skills
  • Facilitators model technology use appropriate for instruction
  • Video production & content creation
  • interactive whiteboards
  • Wireless integration provides roaming capabilities