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FOR 2017/2018
You have chosen to homeschool due to the individuality of your student and family.  These courses are all voluntary and have come to be in existence due to the individuality of the families involved.  Understand that these course may or may not fit your families needs or desires.  Please investigate the courses you select to determine if they will be a good fit for your student.  Always feel free to contact the instructor or the Partnership staff for more clarity on any course.
Community Resource Courses are courses that a student may take at their own time and place.  These are courses in the community that foster student's talents and interests.  They are courses provide by experts in their fields.  There will be a virtual component added to each of these courses.  A Certified Teacher of Record is appointed to each course.
Seated Courses are courses that take place in the tradition school buildings.  Their times are determined by the staff at any particular building.  These course are taught by highly qualified teachers. 
Virtual Courses are those where instruction is provided through or using an interactive, digital learning environment. Courses may exist in an internet-connected environment, or through stand-alone courseware. Pupils may be separated from their teachers by time or location, or both, or they may be attending on-site. Instruction may be offered in a synchronous or asynchronous format.   Most Virtual courses will require a face-to-face component. 
These courses are all non-essential courses for Niles Community Schools. 
All courses in the Partnership are available to any student in the Niles Community Schools District as well as non-public schools. 
These courses receive a Complete/Incomplete designation, unless otherwise requested. The criteria for passing will be posted in the course Syllabus.  These requirements will become visible upon logging in.  You will receive a Member log-in after registration.
Under Construction   Pardon our mess.  We are working on our course offering for Fall 2018.  We are in the process of listing all our current partners.  As we add links to information on those Partners, you will see their names hyperlinked to either their website or a page we create for them.
Please do not forget to check the MULTIPLE OFFERINGS section for individuals and organizations
with a wide variety of classes in your area!
The following courses in agriculture focus on plant growth and animal rearing.  These courses, while virtual, also require a face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field.  These resources have been approved for that face-to-face instruction.
  • Homesteading -Amazing Grace (Dowagiac)
  • Landscape design - Mills
  • Tractor Restoration -Bement (Cassopolis)
AP (Advanced Placement)
Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations.  These courses may be taken online or in real time.  They have to be approved by the AP Board and cover the necessary information to allow a student to take the AP test.  Homeschoolers are permitted to take these courses.  The following resources have been used to take these classes.
  • HSLDA - virtual
  • Memoria Press - virtual
  • Michigan Virtual  - virtual
  • Pennsylvania Homeschoolers - Virtual
  • Ultimas (AP approval pending) 
BUSINESS (12999)
The following are courses with a business emphasis.  These courses, while virtual, also require a face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field.  These resources have been approved for that face-to-face instruction. 
  • Aeronautics - Thornapple Flight Academy

  • Architecture -Moreno (Niles)
  • Build an Airplane -Baird (Niles)
  • Canine Science 
    • Dog Blessed LLC
    • Kalamazoo Kennel Club (Kalamazoo)
    • Pawsitive Canine - (Lowell)
    • Well Mannered Dog
  • Environment Comm & Landscape -Elrick (Benton Harbor & Three Oaks)

  • Home and Office Computing -Trinklein 
  • Intro to Broadcasting -Adolf (Niles)
  • Multiple Offerings
    • Hansen (Deford) (World of Engineering, Space Technology & Exploration)
    • Kirby (Grand Rapids) (Jr Tinkering, Tinkering, Jr Robotics, Build your computer, Robotics I)
    • Oblak (Niles) (Laser Creations and Design by grade, Lego Drone Building, Jr Tinkering, Tinkering, Build & Program Your Computer)
  • Robotics
    • Allendale Robotics
    • Code Red
    • Kinner (Wyoming)
    • First Lego League - All Teams
    • Edwards (Niles)
  • Sports Therapy

  • Video Game Development -Protege Studios (Virtual)
  • Woodworking & steel forging -Noel
  • Young Guns Flight Lessons -Warsaw Flying Club (Warsaw, IN)
These courses allow bundling.  The courses bundled must be related by topic and fall under the following named courses.  The resources used must be on this list of approved resources.
  • Individual Sports
  • Sports
  • Team Sports
English electives (non-core) 
  • Debate 
    • Gentry
    • NCFCA
  • Poetry
  • Road to the Code -A Landgraf (Niles)
  • Speech
    • Institute for Cultural Communicators
  • Writing 
    • Analytical Writing -Gentry
    • Creative Techniques -Reava (Niles)
    • Expository composition -Baker
    • One Year Adventure Novel (Virtual)
    • Write Way -Reava (Niles)
    • Writing Workshop -Edwards (Niles)
Life Skills
Math electives (non-core)
Science electives (non-core)
  • Crime Scene Investigation -Gentry (
  • Space Technology and Exploration -Hansen (Deford)
  • The World of Engineering -Hansen (Deford)
  • Chess
    • Castle Defenders
    • Klubeck (Niles)
Test Prep 
  • ACT Prep / SAT Prep / Tests
    • ACT/SAT prep – Ohman (Wyoming)
    • Grand Rapids Tutors (Grand Rapids)
    • InstantCert Academy (Virtual)
    • Kaplan Test Prep (Virtual)
    • Ohmen (Hudsonville)
    • Prep Scholar (Virtual)
    • SAT Numeracy Prep -White
    • SAT test

  • Animation -Stewart (Virtual)
  • Tutoring (various) -Edwards
DANCE (08047)
Dance is a performing art.  It is designed to provide students with experience in one specific form of dance (e.g., modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap). These classes concentrate on improving students’ technique and the style of a particular dance form.  This virtual course will have a required face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field of dance.  The following resources are approved for this face-to-face component.
  • Ada Dance Academy
  • Ballet -MacQuarrie
  • Balletmore (Grand Rapids)
  • Ballet Arts School of Dance (Kalamazoo)
  • Becker Dance Arts (Three Rivers)
  • Blais Dance Academy (Spring Lake)
  • Body Language Dance (Jenison)
  • C.A.R.E. Ballet (Grand Rapids)
  • Caledonia Dance & Music Cntr (Caled.)
  • Capital Ballet Theater (Lansing)
  • Citadel (Benton Harbor)
  • Concord Dance (Elkhart, IN)
  • Conservatory of Dance (Granger, IN)
  • Dance Dimensions
  • Danceworks
  • Dia Dance Academy (
  • Dorr Dance Academy (Dorr)
  • Elite Dance Company
  • Excel Dance Center (Kalamazoo)
  • Flat River Dance Company (Greenville)
  • For His Glory Ballet (Allendale)
  • Grand Rapids Ballet School (Grand Rap)
  • Greater Lansing Ballet (Lansing)
  • Happendance (Okemos)
  • Hearts in Motion (Grand Rapids)
  • Hearts In Step (Grand Rapids)
  • Imprint Dance Company
  • Integrity Dance Arts (Byron Center)
  • Jubal Arts (Grand Ledge)
  • Lakeshore Acad. of the Arts (Spring Lake)
  • Mainstreet Dance (Stanton) 
  • Michigan Ballet Academy (Grand Rapids)
  • Miss Dee's School of Dance
  • Miss Kathy School of Dance  (Niles)
  • Miss Kathy School of Dance (Dowagiac)
  • Miss Kathy School of Dance (Decatur)
  • Mr. Torrey (Grand Rapids)
  • Power in Motion (St. Joseph)
  • Premier Arts (Elkhart, IN)
  • Prince, Heather
  • Reverence Dance Acad. (Grand Rapids)
  • Sergio, Jenny Dance (Niles)
  • Southhold Dance (South Bend, IN)
  • Spotlight Dance (Grand Haven)
  • Turning Pointe Dance  (Hollan)
  • Turning Pointe Dance (Hudsonville) 
  • Vicksburg Dance & Tumbling (Vicksburg)
  • Youth Dance Fitness Training (Niles)
DRAMA (55053)
Drama is a comprehensive course designed to help students develop experience and skill in one or more aspects of theatrical production. Introductory courses provide an overview of theatrical elements including acting, set design, stage management, directing, playwriting, and production. Advanced courses concentrate on extending and refining dramatic technique, by expanding students’ exposure to different types of theatrical techniques and traditions and increasing their participation in public productions. This virtual course will have a required face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field of drama.  The following resources are approved for this face-to-face component.
  • Grand Rapids Civic Theater (Grand Rapids)
  • Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School (Wyoming)
  • Master Arts Theater (Grand Rapids)
  • Muskegon Civic Theater (Muskegon)
  • Premier Arts
  • Rasmussen (Grand Haven)
Colleges we currently use (others may be added):
  • Andrews University
  • Aquinas
  • Calvin College
  • Cornerstone University
  • Davenport University
  • Glen Oaks
  • Grace Bible College
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Great Lakes Christian College
  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Kendal College of Art and Design
  • Lake Michigan College
  • Lansing Community College
  • Montcalm Community College
  • Southwestern Michigan College
Equine Science is the study of horses.  It includes, but is not limited to the care of horses, breeds of horses, the anatomy of horses and the job opportunities in the industry. The Partnership Equine Course requires face-to-face instruction by an expert in this field.  The following organizations have been approved as resources for your face-to-face instruction.  This course covers instruction, each organization offers an optional riding component that must be purchase directly from them by the parents of the student. 
  • Baumbach (Hudsonville)
  • Bittersweet Stables/Stern (Niles)
  • Christians
  • Codling (Sheridan)
  • Coyote Creek Stables (St. Johns)
  • Cloverfield Stables
  • Curtis Performance Horses
  • Detersmination Equestrian Center (Nunica)
  • East Fork Farms (Kalamazoo)
  • Eberhart/Wilson (Three Rivers)
  • English Riding -Little (Buchanan)
  • Egan Stables (Buchanan)
  • Equestrian Club Allendale High School
  • Fox Brush Farm (DeWitt)
  • Garner
  • Full Circle Farm
  • Horse & Rider -Paulson (Buchanan)
  • Horse Care -Little (Buchanan)
  • Horse Care -Bittersweet Stables (Niles)
  • Horsemanship -Carl (Buchanan)
  • Horsemanship for the Beginning Horseman -Elliott (Saranac)
  • Horsemanship - Garner
  • Karin's Connections/Legacy Stables
  • Kentree Stables (Ada)
  • Knapp
  • Mast
  • Ocobuck
  • Price
  • Radke
  • Ride a Stride Horsemanship
  • Sandmann Farms (Buchanan)
  • Seminole Canyon Farm
  • Shady Tree Farms/Carlsen (Niles)
  • Stone Creek Ranch
  • Thomet (Ada)
  • True Vine Equestrian
  • Wagner Performance Horses
  • Walnut Hill Stable & Training Center
  • Warrior Freedom Farm
  • Mid-Michigan Field Trip Class -Krenk
  • Southwest Michigan Field Trip Class -Bass
  • Bond (Niles)
  • Life Print (Virtual)
  • Oregon State University (Virtual)
  • Signing On-Line (Virtual)
  • Wyzant Tutoring Services
  • Cox
  • Kalamazoo Chinese Academy
  • Lingua China (Kentwood)
  • Michigan Virtual (Virtual)
  • Martin
  • Classical Conversations
  • (Virtual)
  • Noe
  • Springstubbe
  • Bretl (Michigan City, IN)
  • Ledford
  • Anderson
  • Classes by Beth (virtual)
  • Ford, Ashley
  • Gonzalez (South Bend, IN)
  • Hester (Niles)
  • Homeschool Spanish Academy (virtual)
  • Lingual Learners (Grand Rapids) (Spanish I, II, Immersion, Reading, Lang Arts)
  • Spanish with Rocio (Portage)
  • Saba
  • The Potter's School (
  • Wyzant Tutoring Services
Multiple Language Offerings:
  • Cake Decorating -Loucks (Niles)
  • Cooking
  • Sewing & Quilting -Gentner (

  • Quilting -Hansen (Deford)


The following is a list of courses that are often requested but cannot be covered by the Partnership.  It is not an exclusive list.
  • Anything Core
  • Bible or other Religious Courses
  • Courses that do not have an instructor, ie Kiwi Crates, Homeschool Curriculum, etc. 
  • Drivers Education
MUSIC (55147)
The following courses may be individual or group instruction in music.  These courses may be virtual, community or seated.  The community courses have a virtual instructional component with a required face-to-face component. 
  • High School - Niles High School
  • Junior High - Ring Lardner
  • Old Time String/Play Party/Square Dance -Smith (Cass)
  • Torres
  • Whitters (Wyoming)
  • Cook, Luke
  • Grondin (Mishawaka, IN)
  • Kuehner (South Bend, IN)
  • Halmich
  • Langford
  • Turkelo (Grand Rapids)
  • Whitters (Wyoming)
  • Children's Choir of Michiana (South Bend IN)
  • Grand Rapids Men and Boys
  • Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus
  • High School - Niles High School
  • Junior High - Ring Lardner
  • Lash (Grand Rapids)
  • Spangler
  • Beason, Lori
  • Bratton
  • Reiger
  • Varineau
  • Yonkers
  • Southtown Guitar
  • Rathbun
  • Boersema, Aleisha (Ada)
  • Bylsma
  • DeWolf (Schoolcraft)
  • Flick
  • Huisjen
  • Mundwiler (Rockford)
  • Sischo
French Horn 
  • Hunsberger
  • Tuininga
  • Kirby (Niles)
Guitar (AND stringed instruments)
  • Balos
  • Bird Music North
  • Boughton Music
  • Ukelel -Boyd
  • and ukelel -Bretl (Michigan City IN)
  • and mandolin/banjo/fiddle/ukelele -Burda (Berrien Springs)
  • Corbin (Bristol, IN)
  • and bass -Davis (Niles)
  • Duncan (Buchanan)
  • Finn
  • GE Music
  • The Guitar Center
  • Gibbs (Hudsonville)
  • Koch
  • Krenz
  • Nederveld (Hudsonville)
  • Purnell
  • Rathbun
  • Rock School of Music
  • Walker
Multiple Offerings
  • Academy of Music (Grand Rapids)
  • Allegro
  • B's Music
  • Dykstra
  • Elkart School of Music (Elkhart IN)
  • Franciscan Life Process Center
  • Flint Institute of Music (Flint)
  • Griveas (piano/guitar/woodwind/voice)
  • Irwin (piano/violin/viola) 
  • Keefer (Three Rivers)
  • Klamer
  • Kurtzweil Music
  • March (Belding)
  • Marshal Music
  • Meyer (Kal/GR/Holland/Muskegon)
  • MSU Community School of Music
  • Music Academies (Niles)
  • Music Everyday (Spring Lake)
  • Music Studio of Deborah Groenleer (Grand Rapids)
  • Premier Arts
  • Ross
  • Rusche (South Bend IN)
  • Smith (violin/piano/banjo/ukul/ele/guitar) 
  • Southtown Guitar (Grand Rapids)
  • St Ceclia Music Center (Grand Rapids)
  • Sooy Music Studios
  • Suzuki (Grand Rapids)
  • Suzuki (Granger IN)
  • Suzuki (Kalamazoo)
  • Tolen (Wyoming)(cello, guitar, piano, violin, viola)
  • Trinity North School of Music (Rockford)
  • Webb (Vandalia)
  • West Mich HS Fine Arts (Kal/GR)
  • Wyman, Celia (Piano, Voice, Theory)
  • Citadel Music (Benton Harbor)
  • Cook, Arthur (Carson City)
  • Balorda
  • Burda
  • Connell
  • Cook
  • Dykstra,Crisi
  • Kurtzweil
  • Gambill
  • Garner
  • Gonzalez
  • Henderson
  • Holstege
  • Keefer
  • Kindermusik
  • Holy Trinity
  • LaHaie
  • Main Street Music (Ionia)
  • Mount Hope Music Academy
  • The Music Box with Mike Koch (St. Joseph)
  • Rusche (South Bend, IN)
  • School of American Music (Three Oaks)
  • Suzuki (Granger, IN)
  • Tolan (
  • Westshore Music Academy
  • Wilcox
  • Music Theory -Bond

  • Crescendo Academy of Music
  • Gomez

  • Grand Rapids Youth Symphony
  • Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra
  • West Michigan Youth Orchestra
  • Beck (Grand Rapids)
  • Bretl (Michigan City, IN)
  • Brimmer
  • Dault (Bay City)
  • Drumeo Edge (virtual)
  • Drumline -Shaw
  • Hall
  • Hauck (Wyoming)
  • Joyful Sounds Music Studio
  • Keith Hall Music (
  • Meyer Music
  • Morales (Grand Rapids)
  • Palma
  • Walker
  • Alley (Hudsonville)
  • Alsum (Hudsonville)
  • Andrus
  • Arndt
  • Arena (Berrien Springs)
  • Armstrong
  • Austin
  • Avery Street Studio - Kay
  • Avila (
  • Balorda, Lydia (Berrien Center)
  • Ballou (Shipshewana, IN)
  • Banning (Bay City)
  • Barr (Middleville)
  • Beason, Lori
  • Blok (Grandville)
  • Boersema, Aleisha (Ada)
  • Bollinger
  • Bornman
  • Brummel (Jenison)
  • Bauer
  • Byers
  • Carlson
  • Conklin
  • Connell, Robyn
  • Cook Piano Service (Carson City)
  • Depasquale (
  • DeRuiter
  • DeVries (Byron Center)
  • Dickson
  • Dykstra
  • Carlson (Buchanan)
  • Crane
  • Ewert (Marcellus)
  • Follett (Cassopolis)
  • Forte Studio
  • Frazier's Forte (Spring Lake)
  • Froese (
  • Garland (Wyoming)
  • Grand Rapids Suzuki
  • Greenfield
  • Grubbs
  • Harrier
  • Hartzler
  • Hazard (Hudsonville)
  • Heart Exposed Music (Lansing)
  • Hendriksen
  • Heuck
  • Hoffman Academy
  • Holtrop (Grand Rapids)
  • Hull
  • Huyers
  • Johnson
  • Kaiser
  • Karel
  • Kalamazoo Piano Company
  • Kalsbeek (Hudsonville)
  • Karel (
  • Karnes
  • Keller (Cass)
  • Keefer
  • Kent (Buchanan)
  • King
  • Koch
  • March
  • Miedema
  • Laning (Hudsonville)
  • Lee
  • Lott
  • Maggie
  • Matthews
  • May
  • Moody
  • Moore (Niles)
  • Morton
  • MTM
  • Mulder
  • Nancy Postma Piano Studio
  • Neumann (Niles)
  • Newman (South Bend, IN)
  • Nichols
  • Norder
  • Norquist
  • Ohman
  • Opfermann
  • Paavola
  • Penick
  • Personaire
  • Peterson
  • Potter (Hudsonville)
  • Proseus (Rockford)
  • Primo Piano Academy
  • Puffer
  • Radcliffe
  • Regazzi
  • Reiger
  • Roede (
  • Rogers (Byron Center)
  • Rohn
  • Rusche
  • Simpson (Granger, IN)
  • Sischo
  • Siskind, Jeremy
  • Spoelma
  • Spinner (GR, Fremont, and Jenison)
  • Strattan (Fruitport)
  • Stutzman (at your home -click to view geographic area)
  • Sutherland (Caro)
  • Smith
  • Sparks (will be taking Fall 2017 off)
  • Sterk (Caledonia)
  • Sutherland
  • Swank-Spohr (Wyoming)
  • Timmer
  • Trinity North School of Music
  • Tuininga
  • Waller
  • Watson
  • Watson's Piano Studio
  • Wisner (Sawyer)
  • Wuthnow (Buchanan)
  • VanderWerp
  • Vanlier (Grand Rapids)
  • Van Solkema
  • Van Strien
  • Verhey (Grand Rapids)
  • Vredevoogd
  • Wakeman
  • Wall
  • Weaver
  • Wells
  • West (Berrien Center)
  • Whitters (Wyoming)
  • Wiers-Windemuller
  • Wooden
  • Yurich (Howell)
  • Zeinstra (
Piano & Voice
  • Laning
  • Grand Rapids Youth Symphony

  • -Noe' Rourke

  • Marlowe
  • Tuininga
  • Wells
  • Wiltse

  • Austin
  • Sawyer

  • Gonzalez
  • Karnes
  • Mora
  • Shoup-Lausman
  • Whitters (Wyoming)
  • Blue Maroon LLC
  • Chaffee (
  • Choi (
  • Code Studio Strings
  • Crawford (Grand Rapids)
  • Duryee (Rockford)
  • Gratiot String Association
  • Greidanus (
  • Karnes
  • Kuehner (South Bend, IN)
  • Lenz
  • Modert
  • Mora
  • Morell
  • Sayer
  • Simpson (Granger, IN)
  • Spinner
  • Spriggle (Your home)
  • Stojanovic (Berrien Springs)
  • Tew
  • Vallier
  • Wells
  • Whitters (Wyoming)
  • Van Zytveld
  • Violin/Music -Woolwine (Granger IN)
  • The Piano Cottage -Barry
  • The Piano Cottage -Gibson
  • Beason, Lori
  • Benson
  • Blok (Grandville)
  • Boothe Music Studio
  • Bauer
  • Boyd
  • Doyal Vocal Studio 
  • Dunbar
  • Metcalf
  • Noe' Rourke
  • Pletcher
  • Rowsey
  • Segura
  • West (Berrien Center)
  • VandeWege (Rockford)
  • Advanced Placement

  • Anema Farms (Byron Center / Caledonia)
(Animal Husbandry, Drama, Poetry)
  • APEX (pending)
(Art, Music, Theatre, PE, Writing Lab) 
  • Brain Pop
  • Brain Pop Jr.
(Beg Architecture, Adv Architecture, IEW Writing) 
  • Classical Conversations  (pending)
(Debate, Latin, Art)
(Art, Brainquest, Choir, Computer, Gymnastics, Spanish)
(Gen Electives, World Languages, Adv Placement, Career Elect, Test Prep)
(VEX IQ team, FTC team, FRC team, Writer's Wrksp, Robotics, 1st Lego League, VEX IQ class, We Do, Vex team, Meg's Help Line)
(Art, ASL, Drama, Logic, Music, PE, Spanish)
  • Ethos Science Center (Elkart IN)

  • Four Square (Byron Center)
(Ceramics, Colonial Studies, Painting, Cooking, Drawing, Mixed Media, Penmanship, Sewing, Sheep to Shawl, Rabbitry, Blacksmithing)
(Art, PE, Music, ASL, Comm, Martial Arts, Spanish)
(Art, Spanish, Music, Writing, Debate, Crime Scene Invest, Photo, PE, Econ, Health)
(Art, Ballet, Cooking, Gymnastics, Music, PE, Sign Language)
(Drawing, Painting, Spanish, Speech, Oral Int, Music, Drama, Art, Spanish, PE) 
(Theatre, Music, Sports)
(Fall Ag in SW Mich, Broiler Chickens, Maple Syrup Production, Family Wilderness & Adventure, Build a Ukelele, Woodworking, Syrup to Cider, Raising Quail, A Spring Brookview Garden)
(AP Business, AP Foreign Lang, Micro Econ, Macro Econ)
(Legos, Minecraft, Invent Machine, Drawing, Animation, Cooking, Music Star)
  • K.A.T. (Kalamazoo) (pending)
(ACT/SAT Prep, Art, Music, Drama, Foreign Languages, Logic, PE) 
(Art, Computers, Drama, Foreign Lang, M Dot Bridge Design, Music, PE, Public Speaking/Debate, Robotics, Small Business) 
(PE, Homeschool U, Music) 
  • LAHA - Lansing Area Homeschool Academy (Art, Music, Life Skills, Spanish)

  • Mary Landgraf (Niles) 
(Writing Project Papers, Grammar, English Mechanics) 
(AP, Latin, Greek, Informal Fallacies, French, Logic, PSAT, Rhetoric) 
(Art, Theatre, Spanish, Lit, Poetry)  
  • Northpointe (Grand Rapids)
(AP, Spelling, Business, Art, Music, Health, World Languages) 
(Spanish, Art, Music, Drawing, Computing, Psych, Handyman, Home Mngmnt) 
  • The Potter's School (Virtual)  
(Foreign Language, ACT Prep, AP & other NON-Core)  
  • Sacred Heart Academy (Foreign Languag, Music, Choir, Art, Latin)

  • Study Ladder

  • Sylvan (non-core, non-essential only)
  • TLC The Learning Community (Kalamazoo)

  • Trinitas (Grand Rapids) 
(Art, Music, PE, Greek, Latin, Logic)
  • Veritas Press (virtual) 
(Art, Languages, Journalism, Latin, Retoric)
Physical Education is a vital part of a student's education.  The purpose of our PE classes is to make physical activity a habit and not just a class.  This can be better accomplished if the activities are relevant to the student.  Please use the listed resources to create a personalized and  relevant experience for your student.  These courses, while virtual, also require a face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field.  These resources have been approved for that face-to-face instruction.

Instruction is in safe practices, history, sport and use of equipment.
(The Partnership only covers instruction.  Any handling or use of the equipment must be purchased directly by the the family at and additional cost)
  • Dawson (Berrien Springs/Niles/White Pigeon) 
  • Demmer Center
  • Capital Area Sportmen's League 
  • Country Woods Archery 
  • Michigan ASA Archery
  • Schmoekel 
  • Vanden Berg Archery
  • West Michigan Archery Center 
  • Fair Lanes 
  • Hudsonville Bowling
  • Baseball Coaching (Calvin College)
  • Cal Ripken Baseball (Niles)
  • Cougar Varsity Baseball (Kalamazoo)
  • Elite Training Facility (Wyoming)
  • Flames Sports
  • Greenville Little League (Greenville)
  • Hopkins HYSO
  • Kentwood Baseball League
  • Lowell Little League 
  • Mattawan Little League
  • Niles Brandywine Girls Softball Association NBGSA
  • Perrinton Baseball Team 
  • Schoolcraft Little League (Schoolcraft)
  • Southern Little League
    Thornapple Valley Baseball League 
  • Butternut Athletics (Carson City) 
  • Courthouse Athletic Center (Byron Center)
  • Grizzlies (Grand Rapids) 
  • Hoop Heaven Basketball 
  • Hornets Basketball (Hudsonville)
  • Hudsonville Basketball
  • Lowell Arrow Basketball League
  • Mount Pleasant Parks and Rec
  • Oates -Basketball Skills (Niles) 
  • Upward Basketball (any town)
  • Wyoming Warriors (Wyoming)
  • Guilfoyle -Greenville Fitness Club
  • Manuel -Youth Dance Fitness (Niles)
Champion Force (Niles)

Cross Country
Butternut Athletics 
  • CrossFit (Elkhart, IN)
  • Life RX Fitness (Crossfit Berrien) 
  • West Michigan Fencing Academy 
Belding Youth Rocket Football
Hopkins HYSO Rocket Football          
Hudsonville Youth Football
Ithaca Yellowjacket Athletic Department 
Lowell Youth Football League
Marcellus Rocket Football  (Marcellus)
Rockford Football 
Unity Christian High School  
Vicksburg Rocket Football 
Chemung Hills Golf (Howell)
Degroot - Pines Golf Course (Byron Center) 
First Tee of West MI 
Golf Basic Instruction -Pullen ( 
Maple Hill Golf (Wyoming) 
Michelle DeGroot-The Pines Golf Course 
Muskegon Country Club (Muskegon) 
Gym & Swim
Andrews University -Larson (Berrien Springs) 
YMCA (St. Joseph) 
Aerials Gym (Grand Rapids) 
All that Athletics (Plainwell)
CMU Gymnastics 
Cassell Gymnastics & Dance
Central Michigan University Gymnastics 
Champion Gymnastics (Holland)
Creative gymnastics 
Elite Sports Academy (South Bend IN)
Fearnow Gymnastics 
For the Kidz -Vance
Grand Rapids Gymnastics 
Gymnastics in Motion (GiM) 
Gymnastics Michiana (Mishawaka IN)
Infinite Gymnastics -Andrews Univ/Paddock (Berrien Springs)
The Club for Gymnastics -Krauter (Elkhart, IN)
Kids Gym (Portage) 
Kids Unlimited -Rhonda (Jenison)
Koinonia - Gymnastics ( 
Miss Dees School of Dance for Ballet & Gymnastics 
NorthPointe Gymnastics 
Northstar Gymnastics (Rockford) 
Power In Motion (St. Joseph)
Radiant Sportz 
RAYG Gymnastics (Lowell)
Rising Starz Gymnastics
Fox Motors Hockey Club at Southside Ice Arena
Grand Rapids Grizzlies (Grand Rapids)
Grand Rapids Gymnastics 
Irish Youth Hockey League (South Bend IN)
Irish Youth Hockey Travel (South Bend IN)
Michiana High School Hockey League 
Norton Shores Parks Youth Hockey 
Ice Skating
Georgetown Ice Arena 
Isabella County Ice Arena ICE
Ice Skating -Compton Ice Arena/Mahoney (South Bend, IN)
Irish Youth Hockey League -Various offerings (South Bend, IN)
Lakeshore Sports Center 
Patterson Ice Center (Grand Rapids) 
Southside Ice Arena 
Walker Ice and Fitness Center
           Brandon Zabukovic (South Bend, IN)
Life Guarding
           American Red Cross (Grand Rapids) 
           Andrews University (Berrien Springs)
Martial Arts
Anglemyer's Taekwondo  (Constantine)
ATA Haslett Martial Arts (Haslett) 
Blue Knight Tae kwon do -Eisenhart (Bridgman)
Burtsfield Black belt Academy 
Cascade Village Karate 
Chung's Martial Arts Academy (Mattawan) 
Crusaders -Kinner ( 
Dojos of the Risen Son -Bond 
Double Dragon Karate -Rydell (Birch Run)
Karate for Christ 
Kid's Self Defense -Thumma ( 
Life for Christ Karate & Judo -England (South Bend, IN)
Eldridge's ATA (LaPorte, IN) (
Elkhart Martial Arts -Andersen (Elkhart, IN) 
Haslette ATA (Meridian Charter Township)
Helchers Black Belt Academy 
Hong's USA Tae kwon do -Master Hong (Niles)
Lakeshore Taekwondo Academy (Hudsonville)
Mason Martial Arts Center 
Miss Angela Wooden 
PKSA Karate (Trenton)
Pro Karate (Rockford) 
R-Athletics (Grand Rapids) 
READY Takwondo (Benton Harbor) 
RockFit Ninjas (Rockford)
Sanchin-Ryu Systems, Inc.
Standale Karate & Fitness
Southside Dojo 
Super T Karate (Grand Rapids) 
Tae Kwon Do with Don Ross (Wyoming) 
Travis Karate Club 
Vanguard BJJ (Grand Rapids)
Warriors Taekwondo 
Multiple offerings
The Academy
Byron Center Recreational Center 
Battle Creek Parks and Recreation 
Grace Homeschool Association (Lowell)
Greenville Recreation 
Holy Trinity (Wyoming)
Kalamazoo Home School Sports
Kroc Center (Grand Rapids, South Bend) 
Libertas (Hudsonville)
Michigan Sports Academies (MSA) Multiple locations 
Midwest Sports 
Mount Pleasant Parks and Rec 
MVP Athletic Club 
Norton Pines Athletic Club 
Oakfield Sports - Soccer, Basketball (Rockford)
Spring Lake Community Fitness & Aquatic Center 
The Club (Greenville)
YamaFit -Calhoun (Edwardsburg) 
YMCA - Battle Creek
YMCA -Rumsey (Benton Harbor- St. Joseph) 
YMCA -David D Hunting
YMCA -Grand Haven 
YMCA -Greater Grand Rapids
YMCA -Greater Kalamazoo 
YMCA -Ionia  
YMCA -Lansing (Westside)
YMCA -Mary Free Bed (Grand Rapids) 
YMCA -Muskegon 
YMCA -Parkwood 
YMCA -Portage 
YMCA -Rumsey (Niles)
YMCA -Spartan Stores (Byron Center) 
YMCA -TriCities Family YMCA (Grand Haven) 
YMCA -Wolverine 
Personal Fitness
Blue Heron Academy
Cali Fitness 
Lakeshore Fitness Center 
Norton Pines
Traynor Physical Training 
Physical Education
          Phys Ed -EPIC Academy (
          Phys Ed -Friday Addition (Zeeland)
          Phys Ed -Koinonia (
          Phys Ed -Trinitas ( 
Racquetball Warehouse 
Rock Climbing
Climb Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo) 
HIGHER GROUND rock climbing 

Grand Rapids Rowing Association 
Grand Valley State University Rowing 
Spring Lake Crew Club (Spring Lake/Grand Haven)
Sailing -Kurtzweil ( 

Shooting Sports
Instruction is in safe practices, history and use of equipment.
(The Partnership only covers instruction.  Any handling or use of the equipment must be purchased directly by the the family at and additional cost).
Barracks 616 
The Demmer Center (Lansing) 
Kent County Conservation League (competitive shooting sports - skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand, trap)  (Ada)
Bittersweet (Otsego)
Boyne Mountain Ski 
Cabrefae Peaks 
Cannonsburg Ski 
Crystal Mountains 
Mulligan's Hollow  
Shanty Creek 
Swiss Valley (Jones)
Timber Ridge
           AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) (Multiple Towns)
Belding Area Soccer Club 
Byron Center AYSO 
City of Ionia Parks and Recreation (Ionia) 
East Grand Rapids Youth Soccer 
Elkhart Flames Soccer 
           Edwardsburg Youth Soccer Assoc (Edwardsburg)
Forest Hill
Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation (Grand Rapids)
Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department  
Hornets Soccer -Anderson (Jamestown)  
Junior Vikings Soccer Club - (Niles)
Kingdom Sports 
Klackles Pavilion Sports 
LASSO (Lowell Area Select Soccer Organization) (Lowell)
Mount Pleasant Parks and Rec  
Michigan Fire Juniors 
Midwest United FC (Grand Rapids)
Midwest United Soccer (Kentwood)
PASS (Promoting Advanced Soccer Skills) (Grand Rapids) 
Red Arrow Soccer Club 
Sailor Soccer Club 
Shoreline Soccer 
Soccer Club of Rockford 
Soccer Shots 
Soccer Zone (Jennison)
Upwards (any town) 
West Michigan Heat 
West Michigan Indoor Soccer 
West Michigan Storm
Zion Christian School 

Sports / Various Offerings
  •  Elite Sports Academy (South Bend, IN) (Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Tumbling)
  •  Kalamazoo Home School Sports (Kalamazoo) (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball)
  •  Libertas Christian School (Cross Country, Track, Basketball, Volleyball)
  •  Midwest Sports 
  •  YMCA (Niles)
  •  YMCA (Battle Creek)
Surfer Bear 
Alma Public School Swim
          Alsager, Dave & Mary 
Andrews University -Larson (Berrien Springs)
Bronson Athletic Club - Swimming (Kalamazoo)
Byron Center Aquatics -(Byron Center)
Calvin College  
Club Fitness Center 
Goldfish Swim School (Grand Rapids, Okemos)
Hannah Community Center 
Irish Aquatics 
Kalamazoo United Swim Team 
Kentwood Aquatic Center 
Miss Julies Swim School 
Montcalm Community College (Sidney) 
MVP Swimming 
Rockford Riptide (Rockford) 
Shepard Swim School -Shepard (Elkhart, IN)
Spring Lake Aquadics Center 
St Johns Recreation Department 
YMCA -Greater Grand Rapids
YMCA -Ionia 
YMCA -St. Joseph/Benton Harbor 
Tennis -Eastlake Athletic Club (Michiana) 
Tennis -Gregory 
Instructional Tennis -Smith (Niles) 
Tennis -Lakeland Athletic Club/Brown (Niles)
Tennis -MVP Athletic Club (Rockford) 
Tennis - Norton Pines Athletic Club 
Tennis -Premier Athletic & Tennis Club (Grandville)
Tennis -Riverview Athletic Club 
Tennis Warehouse 
Team Sports
Holy Trinity -Sellnow ( 
Kalamazoo Cougar Volleyball
MCAC Wildcats 
Rivercity Christian Volleyball 
Rivertown Christian Volleyball (Wyoming) 
The Sport of Volleyball -Dawson (Niles) 
Team Angle Volleyball 
Weight Lifting & Endurance
Snap Fitness of Allendale 
          Constantine Wrestling Club (Constanine)
          Lowell Wrestling Club (Lowell)
Multiple Sports
         If you would like to bundle two or more sports listed above, select one of the appropriate courses listed below.
  • Individual Sports
  • Sports
  • Team Sports 
SEATED COURSES Courses offered in one our various school buildings
Cosmetology CTE (Niles High School)
Math Science Center (Berrien Springs)
Welding CTE (Niles High School) 
VISUAL ARTS (55154) 
  • Animation -Stewart (Virtual) (Animation 1, 2, 3, 4, Drawing 1, 2)
  • Art 
    • Art Academy
    • Arts and Carafes Studio
    • Brush with Bravata (Alma)
    • Design Street (Plainwell)
    • Eefsting (Hudsonville, MI)
    • Greenville Community Center (Greenville)
    • Hope's Fine Art 
    • Jillian Stapleton Art
    • KIA
    • Lakeshore School of Fine Art (Muskegon)
    • Mark Kistler's Virtual Classroom (Virtual)
    • Meijer Gardens (Grand Rapids)
    • Montcolm Community College (Sidney)
    • Shattuck (Ionia)
    • By Era (Grandville)
    • By Olivia (Byron Center)
    • Shannon Maisel Art, LLC
    • Smillie Studio (Muskegon)
    • Timreck
  • Buchanan Art Center (Buchanan) 
  • Beth's Art (Muskegon)
  • Clay & Pottery
    • Murphy (
    • Grand Rapids Pottery (Grand Rapids)

  • Jewelry Design
    • Studio JSD
  • Photography 
    • Bass (Niles) (Beginning, Still Life)
    • Bollinger (
    • Leestma (
    • Weaver
  • Stained Glass -Vosburgh (Niles) This class will be offered again in the Spring of 2018

  • Various Offerings -
    • Frasieur (Niles) (American Girl classes by grade, Crafts & Culture Around the World, Make It)
    • Kendall College (Grand Rapids) (Art Ed, Art Hist, Design, Digital, Drawing, Fashion, Illustration, Painting, Photo, Print, Sculpture)
    • Murphy (Buchanan) (Adventures in Art, Bac Clay, Elem Art)
    • Plas (Byron Center) (Drawing, Elem Art, Intermediate Art, Mixed Media)
    • Youth Digital (Virtual) (3D Animation, Mod Design, Server Design, 3D Game Design, 3D Printing & Modeling, App Design, Fashion Design)

  • Water Street Glass Works (Benton Harbor) Will not be offering fall 2017 classes.
  • Western Art History & Drawing -Seitz (
There is much to learn in our wilderness class.  Specialty studies on flora and fauna, survival skills, and taking care of our natural resources are just some of the subjects covered.  These courses, while virtual, also require a face-to-face instructional component with an expert in the field.  These resources have been approved for that face-to-face instruction.
  • Blandford Nature Center

  • Camp Rogers (Rockford)

  • Chippewa Nature Center (Midland)
  • Wilderness and Culture -Elrich (Three Oaks)
From March 1st - May 1st we post a form for families to submit suggestions for instructors and organizations that are not posted. If your course falls into one of the categories listed above, it is highly likely your resource will be approved.