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Accelerated Reader Program

At Oak Manor 6th Grade Center, we take reading very seriously. Your student will be participating in the Accelerated Reader Program as an integral part of their Language Arts curriculum. Accelerated Reader is a computer-based reading motivation program which awards points based on student comprehension.

This is how Accelerated Reader works...

  1. Your child selects a book that has an Accelerated Reader test. Most of these books are marked in the Oak Manor library with a colored circle on the binding indicating there is a test as well as the grade level of the book.

  2. Your child reads the book at his/her own pace, while completing the point/percentage requirements of their teacher. The variety of books available for testing is large, so students should have no troubles finding something.

  1. After completing the book, your child takes a 5-20 question comprehension test on the computer. The computer immediately tells your student how many questions were answered correctly and provides answers to missed questions. Points are awarded based on the point value of the book and the number of questions answered correctly. Passing the test (80%, 90%, 100%) indicates your student has really read and understands the book. The student's percentage of correct answers is almost as important as the number of points they achieve.

We at Oak Manor hope that Accelerated Reader is enjoyable for all students. Your child's teacher as well as the library staff will be working together to promote the importance and enjoyment of reading to students. Please feel free to contact me directly at school with any questions you may have.

Happy Reading,

Lisa Smith